About KIC

Kelli In Color was conceived as a way to showcase my colorful creations with colorful commentary. My goal is that it will be entertaining and at least occasionally thought provoking for both creative folks and those who appreciate any or all of the above. And, if you’re inspired to explore your own creativity as well, then that will just be the icing on the cake.

My primary medium is mosaics, made mostly of broken thrift store dishes. For me, it’s all about the colors. Combining different shades of colors to lend depth, texture, and complexity to simple shapes is very satisfying.

Given the nature of the materials I’m working with, no two KIC pieces will ever be exactly the same.
I started making mosaics when I wanted something big, colorful, and unique to fill a blank wall in my living room. I “saw” the finished design in my head and then was happily surprised to find I could bring that picture into being. The Muse continues to send me pictures and I continue to follow her guidance to the best of my abilities.

When I am not breaking thrift store plates, I consult in the natural products field. A nutritionist by training, I regularly eat butter, chocolate, and kale, though generally not all at the same time.

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